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I am addicted to Blu-Ray Buryure XDD
It's like a welcomed and wanted tinnitus for me! lol!

Watching Ohkura solo con fancams...
Err, I thought Uchi was a guest in this date? Perhaps filmed at the wrong time...
Hmmm... some parts...
Should I make a review? XD

But I sure loved the drum segments though!
And I think he sang Saito Kazuyoshi's Utai Uta Ballad something something ~nice!! *note to self, watch the other one*
Have to re-watch both fancams one of these days (and everything in it). Sorry, no time! ^^;;

Now, when will FFF's Con DVD arrive??!! *impatient*
Okay this is backdated! LOL! Aside from this being random and out-of-the-blue, I haven't posted an entry ever since the year started *thud*

Anyway, I was comparing prices from different online stores, CDJ vs AmazonJP in particular... verdict? UNDERTERMINED! lol!! Coz u know why? XDD Amazon wouldn't let me order 2 PUZZLE LEs (paraphrase: "this item is of limited quantity, amazon will only allow you a certain amount to order this product" or something along those lines). I guess that certain amount is... ONE! Geez!!! This means, I will stick by CDJ. ^___^

BUT!! I preordered Baru's JRock DVD at AmazonJP ^___^ YEY!! The difference between AmazonJP and CDJ is very minimal when it comes to price (+s/h), AmazonJP is more by approximately $2.00; however, AmazonJP's shipping is express, compared to CDJ's standard. So naturally, AmazonJP won this round XD

That's it! I WILL SHOP NO MORE!!! )<

ps. I have been a CDJ shopper ever since 2004, but it's only recently that I have ventured outside its realm haha! AmazonJP is pretty amazing, but I have to make sure the weight of my orders are good enough for me to pay the express shipping amount (which is the only option offered for international orders... at least to the US). Ordering 1 magazine from AmazonJP is a VERY bad idea! I won't EVER do that again!
It's snowing... in Las Vegas ^___^v

Well actually, it snowed about two days ago as well, but not much in our area (more like snowflakes). But today, it's really snowing ^^ The visible mountains in our subdivision are becoming near white, looks beautiful. Though, I don't have any idea if it would be the same as 2 years ago wherein it went up to 4inches high (in our subdivision). Ah oh well! *burrows self in layers and layers of blankets*


--edit--- 3 hours later...

First time using OneTrueMedia XD (BGM is "Sleigh Ride" by Billy Gilman & Charlotte Church). Featuring my dogs, Thora (the german shepherd) and Tomo (the shiba inu)... and uhh... my sis (at the end) frolicking at the backyard. LOL! (I wish Tyke was here though. I wish she'd seen this...).

Make an on-line slide show at www.OneTrueMedia.com
--edit--- an hour or so later...
Wow, it's definitely more than 4 inches now. Just watched the news, and they say that the last time that snowed like this here in Las Vegas was last 1979, wherein classes were even suspended coz it went up to 7 inches (coz I think desert ppl aren't really used to this, nor prepared for this). They'll never know if classes will be suspended tomorrow, time will tell (that is if the snow will increase and increase). Correct me if I am wrong though, but it's the 18th in Japan right? Isn't December 18 the day when Ohkura entered K8 and thus completed the 8-member Kanjani8? XD Just musing! lol!

It's Friday here... so HAPPY 080808 DAY!!!! LET'S PARTEYYY WITH EITO! 

Sorry if there is only 6 of them here, it's just it's too cute! And oh, Orenji's the one singing to them ^^v


ps. Sorry for the spam but, I miss u guys!
pps. For some reason I have been doing stuff in multiples of 8 since yesterday. Like the above gif, I capped 24 in that one, and uh, I ate 8 tenpuras, lol! Forgive the lameness. ^___^Y
ppps. The effect of not posting so long? It took a lot of effort in posting this *has grown extremely shy* lol!!


Allow me to flail even for just a while....



OMG Giggs, I'm sorry, but I kinda assumed that all of 'my' team has already left Old Trafford, so I was pleasantly happy that you're still there and that you are the one who sealed the game!! <33333 One commentary that I could never forget about u was last 2001 I think, that you are Harry Potter of the field coz you work your magic every time. *hearty eyes* Ahhh, I want to watch old matches!! Veron! Nistelrooy!! Beckham!! Barthez! Keane!!! Solskjaer!!! Blanc!! the Nevilles!! ah! I really miss the old times!!

*Glory Glory Man United!!! As the Reds go Marchin' on on on!!!*! --- Hahahaha!! It's been so long since I've sang this song!! <3333


**edit: Geez!! ManU has a different sponsor now?! I've just seen a pic of the team in red, and it says "AIG." And to think I was still expecting to see "Vodafone." LOL! See! I told u, I am so not updated about them for the past couple or more years, and I prefer that way coz I might die someday because of them lol! Matches always makes me nervous!

**edit2: If u are wondering why this entry didn't appear in your fpage, that's because I purposely made it 'private' for a day to spare u the out-of-the-blue flailing from me. <3
Hi Dear F-List!

And so, yesterday, Senor PC (coz 'he' is the oldest of the bunch XD, but my fave though) has been attacked by malware. Even though I'm rarely found in the net these days, this still has to happen after so many years of worry free. Anyway, until this problem is solved, Senor PC and I will have a temporary divorce (yes that's temporary coz I still have feelings for him, and I'm sure he still has for me too XDDD). ^__^ Anyway, hope you all are doing fine, and see ya 'til then!

But seriously though, if I could, I would put a ventilator on Senor PC to increase his chances of survival hahaha!!


ps. Still reachable through email ^^ or MSN perhaps, or even PM lol. Oh gosh I am babbling. Ok, final! Take care all!!

First and foremost, I am aware I have disappeared yet again, when I was supposed to fulfill a promise last week. sorry Kimi!! It has been a looooong week for me T_T... But I am ok, more details later (or when I'll get to post again with the clip).

And of course, I haven't forgotten!! Belated Happy Birthday to [info]iceuck !!! I wanted to post on your day, but I really couldn't!! Sorry!! ^____^ I will give a little Ryo to u, so watch out for it in my next post! ^^

And oh it's my sis's birthday today! (24th) Now sis, after 19 days, you are older than me again! Hahahaha!!!! LOVE YOU!!!






Hey guys!! It's been a long time no? Yep, another random update from me ^^

And so the reports were right...Collapse )

To Yama, and news re a certain clip ^^Collapse )

ps. The 47 DVD is a budget suicide isn't it? I already preordered, but thinking about the price makes me guilty all the way... especially when I am being so not practical right now. But I guess, 3 dvds worth of omakes could make up for it right? right? oh gosh, I am convincing and comforting myself big time.
ps2. Listened to NEWS's new single and album... All I could say is, it's not bad. A lot of ppl loved their new music, but I guess the genre isn't really my cup of tea. Ai Nante sounds almost similar to BSB's Incomplete. And Why (omg, got confused! It's supposed to be -->) With Me sounds like 'Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely', hahaha!! But that's just me. All in all, their new music is like the music from Western or European boybands. But of course I have a fave song, guys, Code is love, try listening to it ^^. Although P's solo is really good too. ^___^
ps3. I just saw the news about Yoko's solo con!! aksdjklasjdkl OMG I am so happy for him!! YEEYEYEY!! *flails*

Random update before I go missing again! hehe Missing u guys!! <3


Oh gosh, I can't believe this, but I am going to the Spice Girls Concert here in Vegas!!! Hahaha!!! It's really a dream come true for me, a bit expensive though... but my sis is paying for me, thanks sis! luv u!! Oh gosh, it feels so surreal, it feels like I am 11 years old again shocking Asia, I feel so old!! haha I blame the Spice Girls for a lot of things: (1) Wearing pig tails and a mini mini pink dress >o<, and (2) Dancing and singing in front of so many people (mainly singing though), lol!! Oh gosh, those were the old days... hehee!!! December 9, come sooner!!!


Yoko is more popular than you think?

Why? The first incident was last May 2006, when I was just a couple of months K8 fan. My sis and I went to this Japanese store, and I was wondering if they sell JE magazines (Duet, WinkUp, etc). Sadly, nope, they don't carry it. Until the convo led to Johnny's and me reaching inside my bag for the KanshaNiEight album, and showed it to the Japanese saleslady. The first word that came out from her mouth is YOKOYAMA!! Hehehe!! Yes, it is near scream, but not really a scream coz she was calm. I looked at my sis, and slapped her back, lol!! And of course she knew Ryo (by face only coz she watched 1LOT). Her words, "This this guy, from Ichi Rittoru..." And I nodded.

The second incident was just a few weeks ago. My sis had a Japanese patient, whose last name is Kimura. My sis jokingly asked her is she's related to Takuya Kimura... Omg, who would have thought that the woman (she's in her 30s or so) is a Johnny's fan?! Hahaha!! She knew KAT-TUN. She thought my sis's fave is KAT-TUN, but then when my sis said her fave is Kanjani8, sadly the woman doesn't know them. So she asked who are the members... when my sis said Yokoyama, the woman said "Oh YOKOYAMA!! I KNOW HIM!!" Hahaha!! See, he's more popular than one thinks I guess!! Aside from Yoko, she knew Ryo too, she was like "RYO NISHIKIDO YES YES!!" hehehe!! I thought she would have at least known all of sanbaka coz she knew Yoko, but yeah, nope...


Just pondering about K8's new songs... Listening to the old ones and the new ones, you could really tell the difference...  While I am happy that all members get a solo in the song, I realized there are also some sacrifices to be made. For one thing, if all of them have solo parts, it is also likely that that song won't be a band song, meaning complete with live instruments and all... hmmm... oh well... I guess I shouldn't be comparing the songs in the first place to at least avoid a bit of the frustration... But don't get me wrong, I have grown to love IMS, hehe...


ps. Oh I bought an album on impulse... it's by The Birthday Massacre, gosh, I love it!! hehe! U guys should try them out! ^^ Unfortunately, I don't have time uploading a few tracks, but perhaps soon! ^^